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Wow!! I am very happy that you want to cook with me!
For our class, the ingredients are as follows:
For Baião de Dois: for 2 people 1 cup of cooked rice, 1 cup of precooked black-eyed peas or other type of beans (baked, boiled, frozen, or from a can) without sauce or water, 100gr of rennet cheese (Halloumi cheese is a good substitute!), 100gr of mozzarella, 100g of bacon and sausage (Italian sausage smoked is nice!), salt and pepper. Fresh Cilantro and one pre-chopped onion

For the brigadeiro: 1 can of condensed milk, 1/2 tablespoon of butter, 100gr of chocolate bar 50% cocoa or more
cookware and kitchen utensils such as spoons, knives, cutting board and plates.
If you can't find some of these ingredients, let me know that we can help you replace them.
Let's have fun!

For vegetarians, you can substitute meat for tofu, brocolis, mushrooms. One of three or all

You can prepare your ingredients this way:


Some examples of ingredients:

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